Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In Memory of Wolfram Abt

Wolfgang Abt
Wolfram Abt (Electric bass) studied at the Bruckner Conservatory of Music - Linz graduated in performance, with honors, in 1995. Instructor of electric bass at the Bärnbach Music school from 1995-2001, the Studio Percussion private school, and private lessons since 2001. Performances/recordings with: Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Vereinigten Bühnen Graz, STS, Opus, Attack (Fusion Funk), Papermoon, UMP, Quinteto Caribe /Afro-cuban Jazz), Medic, Geomatric, Sigo,The K & K String Quartet, Eleven 56, Michael Red, Rauhnacht, 'Österreich-Armenischen Auftakt Begegnung' (Fusion). etc. Electric Bass teacher at the Institut for Jazz since March 2004.
Today I was informed that he committed suicide on Saturday 02.02.2008. He was 39 years old and a nice man. He was a good teacher especially in Jazz, fusion and Funk. He taught bass-guitar both at Johann-Joseph-Fux-Conservatory and University Of Music And Dramatic Arts Graz.
I was shocked as I heard it today. Unfortunately I still do not know why he committed suicide. I liked him so much, because I learned a lot of things and especially useful techniques from him to improve my style. We played together and we enjoyed that time as well.
I would like to commiserate with him and his family with being on his Funeral Day on Friday February 08,2008  in evangelical cemetery in Graz at 2 PM.

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