Thursday, February 28, 2008

Russian Gmail Ad

A sensational ad video from YouTube produced by Saatchi in Moscow for Google to attract more Russian users on Gmail.
The Official Gmail Blog noted that they are pretty sure no one had ever made a giant Gmail interface using:
162 meters of gray tape, 45 lego pieces, 32 sticks of plasticine,
18 brushes, 18 square meters of batten, 12 cans of spray paint, 10 liters of white paint, 4 reams of paper, 2 kilograms of millet porridge, 1 printer, 1 hair dryer, 1 mop, 1 saw
AND the "M" at the end was created with using of 3 sweaters, 3 balls, 3 pillows, 2 dumbbells, 2 pair of gloves, a set of child's plates, a hockey stick, a scarf, a paper folder, hats and slippers!

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