Saturday, February 23, 2008

Set a hacker alarm on your Web mail box!

The best way to know if someone has accessed your email is “IF” there is a last login information displayed. Unfortunately, the Webmails doesn’t support this feature. The best way is to set a trap in your inbox so you can get notified when there’s an unauthorized login. With just signing up a free OneStatFree account you become possibility to know if there's an unauthorized login into your box or not.

Here’s how to set it up step by step.

1. First you need to sign up for a free OneStatFree account. Note that it’s not necessary to enter your real information in the registration form!

2. After you signed up, you’ll receive an email from that contains a text attachment OneStatScript.txt. Just save it to your computer.

3. Now go to LinkBlip and fill out required information(see the screenshots below). With LinkBlip you send a link and get notified someone has clicked on it. Note that you put an other email address in the first field as in the second one anything on the URL you want(e.g. and press the button "OK". Now you’ll get a link something like this ( from LinkBlip.

4. Now open OneStatScript.txt you saved before and add this code at the first line above the OneStat code. Replace the xxxxx with the one that you got from LinkBlip in step 3.
<head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url="></head>

5. Save the .txt file with a name that will catch an email snooper’s eye, like “BankPasswords”, or PasswordList and make it an .html file so it opens automatically in a web browser.

6. Send the file as an e-mail attachment to the Web mail account that you want to monitor. Use a similarly baited subject line, like “Account log-ins” for the message. Just be sure NOT to open the file when you send it — you don’t want to set off your own alarm!

When an unauthorized user opens the HTML file, you’ll get an email notification like this screenshot below. LinkBlip is able to tell you when the link was clicked and from which location.

You can then log in to your OneStat account to double confirm whether someone DID open the HTML trap file. OneStat gives you better information such as IP Address, Country, Referrer, Date & Time, and Organisation.

PS. Note that LinkBlip can only send the email once. If the link get visited for a few times you don't get a new email! you the need to create a new LinkBlip link so it can be able to send the email but also only once! Anyway, to be on a safe side, just make sure you're using a NEW LinkBlip link that hasn't been visited and used before!

and it seems that it can only send the email once. I tried to visit the same link again for a few times but it won’t send a new email. I then created a new LinkBlip link, and it was able to send the email but also only once. Maybe Linkblip link on works once. To be on a safe side, make sure you’re using a NEW linkblip link that hasn’t been visited/used before.

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Mike said...

What a wonderful idea! It is great to know that we can set hacker alarm on web mail box. I will definitely go for it and hoping that it will work great for me as well.
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