Friday, March 14, 2008

Google Sky Site Launched

By now Google Sky was an accessible feature on Google Earth. Now it’s launched to a web browser. Some of features Google Sky allows are e.g. searching for planets, listening to Earth and Sky Podcasts, watching Hubble telescope images and more, but the Google Lat Long blog and Google’s press released a list the features of this new service:

  • Zoom and pan the sky, like with Google Maps
  • Link to any particular place
  • A search box which expands results if something is found
  • Different views to switch to, like infrared or microwave
  • Best-of galleries with imagery from Hubble and other telescopes
  • A podcasts gallery
  • The ability to overlays KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files, similar to Google Maps and Google Earth


Learn more about Google Sky features watching this video.

Get read the full story on
Google Lat Long Blog.
Get started Google Sky yourself.
Try out Google special maps sites for Moon and Mars.
See also Microsoft WorldWide Telescope (WWT).

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