Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lyrics For YouTube's Music Videos

As you all already know, YouTube is one of the best site where most people of the whole world come there to see videos. The good chance to find a music video is that you search it on YouTube, but actually one of features missing on YouTube is that you can't find information about the artists, lyrics or concert dates. There's a simple script that creates a container titled "Lyrics" below the video's description and shows the lyrics when you expand the container. At the same time you're watching a music video you can search lyrics in three different sites(, & and it shows also all the results in a drop down. Just make sure that the video contains the right artist's name and the song's title. If the script finds the wrong lyrics or anyway doesn't find the lyrics of a song, change the site to the other that provides lyrics.
To mention is that this feature is Firefox's feature and to install this script you obviously need to have Firefox and The Greasemonkey.

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