Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Magic Google Trick

The disappearing Google logo is a magic
trick to surprise your friends with. What they will see is
this: you are at the Google homepage, and you casually ask someone to
watch the Google logo. Then, you move two of your fingers to
completely cover the “o”s in the Google logo. When you remove your
fingers, to much surprise, the letters “o” will be missing from the logo.

Disappearing Google o
Now you ask your friend to move her fingers over the missing “o”s.
After your friend removes the fingers, the logo will be complete again!
The trick here? It’s not really the Google homepage you and your
friend are looking at – it’s actually a fake page. And when you click on the page, the letters of the logo will disappear after five seconds. Clicking again will make them reappear after five more seconds. So when you move your fingers to cover the Google logo, simply click anywhere on the page, and wait a bit before you remove your fingers… and when your friend covers the letters, you click again. (A third click, by the way, will change the page to an actual Google homepage so you can perform searches to “prove” the page is real.)

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