Saturday, March 22, 2008


Remember mixtapes? Create a digital mix tape and share it with your friends using Mixwit.


Major and minor features of Mixwit:

The Majors:

  • Share your mixtapes anywhere. On your blog. Myspace. Facebook. Anywhere online.
  • Add your own image to your mixtape: Make your mixtape your own.
  • Mixtape template PDF: PDF template to enable you to accurately create your own skins.
  • Public alpha: No more alpha-user login box.

The Minors:

  • Image control: Your image is masked by the mixtape body, or can fill the whole tape. You can also scale the image and click & drag the image to make it look it’s best.
  • Text editing: You have options for editing and moving the text labels around, including click-and drag positioning. You can also double click on the text to enter your title and alias.
  • Glossiness: has been greatly increased to give users more bling contrast.
  • New gears and spooled tape
  • Add your own track from the web
  • Bug fixes

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Head over the Mixes.

Get started to make a mix.

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