Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Download YouTube Videos

Actually there are a lots of ways to download videos from YouTube. In order to this I added an article showing 2 Simple Ways To Dowanload YouTube Videos you can download YouTube videos with. Now I'm going to introduce some other ways. The first one is similar to that first way added in my last article, so like just putting "mp4" in the URL after "youtube". The other way is to replace "voobys" with "youtube". It dose the same like appending "mp4", so it launches you to an exiting site you will download the video from.


Good thing is that you get the video much easier.


Note that you will get the video as mp4 file. You also can convert your video using Voobys Search and Converter the new feature of voobys.

Other way is to copy and past the URL of the video you want to the search bar of this site.

Viddownloader.com with a nice platform is another one you can use to download videos. Not only videos from YouTube!

On April 13, Google OS added an article Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Files.

Other ways.(videos)

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