Sunday, April 27, 2008

Google Me

"Google Me" is a documentary feature film production made by Jim Killeen(an entrepreneur from Los Angeles). A concept and impressive execution that explores the connection between a person's name, their identity, and the underlying human condition.
It all started when Jim killeen typed his name into Google to discover the different people sharing their own names and contacted them individually to make a documentary movie concerning his experiences.
"I just had a burning curiosity about who was out there and what they were all about, " says Jim Killeen. "There is that shared human experience that we can connect with. Our name is something that is so personal that I wanted to find out who we are, not just as Jim Killeens, but as men" (read more).
This documentary film is a 96 min and currently available on GoogleMeTheVideo Channel at YouTube.

Here is the first 10 min. of the movie.

Read also on Google OS.
official site of Google Me.

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