Monday, April 21, 2008


SproutBuilder is a tool to create flash application. The tool allows users to build, publish and manage widgets, mini-sites, banners, mashups and other rich media Web content. The service offers you to include video, audio, images and newsfeeds to your widgets. There are also a lots of pre-built components and web services you can choose to create your widgets.

SproutBuilder is easy to use in three simple steps as following:

  • Build
    Sprouts can be of any size and any number of pages and can include images, video and audio and components such as slideshows and jukeboxes as well as Web service components such as Twitter, PollDaddy, ChipIn and more.
  • Publish
    Just click "publish" to get your sprout code and then embed into any Web page, or use the "quick post" feature to automatically place your sprout into leading blogs and social networking sites.
  • Manage
    Once your sprout is published, your audience can copy and spread it virally. You can get stats on locations, views, clicks and more. (SproutBuilder)

Sprout recently announced an SDK that enables developers to integrate their applications into the company’s platform. In addition to this there are some new features for end-users.

See Sprout Features
Get started.

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