Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Health Beta Launched

Google released the service "Google Health" after more than one year since Google announced it for the first time.
Google Health a free service that lets you to store and manage your health information in one glance. By building an online profile you can manage your health information & medical records importing from other services to your profile, search for doctors & hospitals and much more. All your Google Health personal data will be safely stored in one central place where you can securely access them anywhere at anytime.

Google Health gives you following features:

  • Build online health profiles
  • Import medical records from hospitals and pharmacies
  • Learn about health issues and find helpful resources
  • Search for doctors and hospitals
  • Connect to online health services

For partners, "Google is looking for strategic partners who can help our users get access to their medical records and prescription history and do a better job of managing their health needs"(read more).
Google also announced an iGoogle gadget - called "Go for Good" - to improve health by walking exercises.

Google Health Tour
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