Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Google Reader New Sharing Features

Google has added some new features to Google Reader that let you to add and share interesting things in your Google Reader.

The following new features are now available in Google Reader:

  • Share anything with a bookmarklet
    You can now share any content from the web page that even doesn't have a feed.

  • Add a note
    Under "Shared Items" at the left side of your Reader you will find a small thumbnail "Note". By clicking on it will appear a box where you can add your note or even your thoughts you want to share with your friends without attaching it to any particular item.

  • Share with note
    Just share your interesting post by putting your own note and choosing your style -> follow the next step.

    • Choose styles for your shared items page
      As with the screenshot below, you have four style-choices for your shared items page that will appear at the top of the shared items page. Choose "Default" style looks actually more meaningful than the other ones, so apart from Default style the other styles are funny.

    Just feel free to select your style, click on the link below and let it show you what your shared item page displays. If you don't like it, you can change your style at any time.

  • Share with Twitter
    It currently seems to be still not available, even though I already used it as it was added to Reader.

  • Keep items unread

Google Reader now is more practical than before.

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