Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Google Supports Unicode 5.1

"Unicode 5.1 contains over 100,000 characters, and provides significant additions and improvements that extend text processing for software worldwide. Some of the key features are: increased security in data exchange, significant character additions for Indic and South East Asian scripts, expanded identifier specifications for Indic and Arabic scripts, improvements in the processing of Tamil and other Indic scripts, linebreaking conformance relaxation for HTML and other protocols, strengthened normalization stability, new case pair stability, plus others given below"(read more).
The Unicode Consortium announced releasing of Unicode 5.1 by April 4, 2008 and Google recently begun supporting Unicode 5.1. Google announced that it's now available in search and people speaking languages can now search for words containing the new characters in Unicode 5.1.

Read on The Official Google blog.
Unicode 5.1.0.
Unicode Home Page.

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