Sunday, May 18, 2008

Google Treasure Hunt - The First Brainteaser

As by May 8 announced on the Google Australia Blog, The Google Engineering team has launched a brainteasing contest called “Google Treasure Hunt” - "a puzzle contest designed to test your problem-solving skills in computer science, networking, and low-level UNIX trivia."

The first brainteaser launched and the new one will be appeared online every week for the next three weeks, so the contest will run for four weeks.
There will more questions over the coming weeks, and the first person to answer them all correctly will win a prize.

The Google Official Blog

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The Factmaster said...

The answer doesn't require programming knowledge. Analyzing smaller problems gives you a formula for any x by y grid.

It is:

Dave said...

@the factmaster
Well, that formula requires a lot of analysis, it's not trivial. Did you get to it by yourself or did you look it up in a book?

Anonymous said...

I think a puzzle like this doesn't require a lot of analysis, so what you actually need to know is a little bit math & algorithm.