Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Google Site Search Announcement

Today, Google announced Google Site Search, a hosted search solution that takes advantage of the Custom Search platform to integrates features that offer high quality search for site visitors of any website. Google Site Search lets the site owners implement search functionality that is familiar and useful to their visitors. The new service increases more satisfaction for your website and visitors, showcases your relevant products and much more.
As with Google Press Center, Google Site Search offers four new features as follows:

  • Enhanced index coverage: comprehensive search results on any website by crawling and indexing more content, even pages deep within a site;
  • Synonyms: website owners can add their own custom synonym dictionary (a search for [cd] would include [certificate of deposit] in search results);
  • Date biasing: site owners can influence search results based on the age of documents (e.g., a recent product datasheet is weighted more heavily than older product documents);
  • Top results biasing: specific sections of the site (such as the product catalog) appear at the top of search results
  • Full customization of the look & feel: site owners can fully customize the search results interface to integrate with the unique look and feel of their sites.

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