Thursday, February 14, 2008

Firefox 3 beta 3

Mozilla is going to finish releasing the third beta version of Firefox 3. There are about 1,300 changes in this new version of Firefox 3 Beta 3 used open-source Web browser.
"Firefox 3 Beta 3 should be more stable, perform faster, use memory more efficiently, and fit in better on various operating systems than its predecessors", Mozilla said.
Referencing to new features of Firefox 3 Beta 3 are included; new browsing interface, better tool finding out who owns a Web site, better protection against sites known to install viruses, Spyware, or other malicious software; the plugging of 350 memory leaks that previously could waste more and more computer memory and many other improvements.
Firefox beta can be downloaded from the official Web site of Mozilla, including versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux localized for several languages.
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