Saturday, February 16, 2008

Doodle 4 Google Competition

On every special occasions, Google change their company logo on their site to commemorate that special occasions (also known as Google Doodle). This year Google announced that they are creating a competition called Doodle 4 Google for US students in grades K-12.
To join this competition, just ask your children's teacher or principal to register their school to the competition. The registration process will then close on April 28th 2008 and all the entries have to be postmarked by April 12th 2008.
Several judges will then choose 40 regional winners who will then be invited in May 2008 to the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. The #1 winner will have their doodle on Google homepage for a day in the US and will also receive $10.000 in a form of collage scholarship and a technology grant for his or her school.
For further information lick here.
Everything you need to get started here.
But WAIT! Before acting anything take a look at this recording!

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