Friday, March 28, 2008

Have Fun With Google

If you want to see all images of a particular website, you can use the
“site:” operator on Google Images ( – you may know
this operator from Google’s web search. For example, enter
into the Google Images search box to see all images shown on CNN’s
website. Click on an image in the result list and you’re taken to the
respective page containing the image.
This approach is fun if you want to visually explore a site, and you are
not interested in any particular content on that site. However, you can
still combine the site search with an additional keyword. A search for clinton would therefore show CNN’s images of President Bill
Clinton, or images related to him.

Google Image

Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is a 3D tool for creating architecture and other 3D
models. Architects like it to prototype buildings, but the software is so
easy to use that anyone can have fun with it. After you download
SketchUp and follow through a hands-on tutorial
(which might take you as little as 15-30 minutes) you are ready to go
and design your own house. And why not make it your dream house?


Google Rotated

Google Rotated shows you the normal, actual Google (with all of its functionalities)... except that everything’s rotated 180°. Including the Google homepage, the search results, and even the web pages you click on in the results. When people visit
Google Rotated they’re usually either trying to adjust their monitor, or bend their neck leftwards. (Note that this feature only works with IE)

Google Rotated

Google Rotated... it’s another way to look at search.

Google Mini

Mini Google, on the other hand, doesn’t make you bend your neck. Then again, it may make you move your face really, really close to the screen... ‘cause it’s tiny. About the size of your thumbnail. Good luck searching for something with Mini Google, and good luck hitting on a search result page – as a bonus, if you managed to do that the page you clicked on will be mini too(Note that this feature only works with IE).

Google Mini

Google Mini. Small, but fun!

Aliens Attack Google!

Do you wish to see a full-scale alien attack take place on the Google
homepage? You can! In fact, not only does Netdisaster allow you to destroy, you can destroy any other web page – in a multitude of ways, too. You can send meteors, flood it, nuke it, shoot it, paintball or chainsaw it, send God onto the page, cover it with flowers, or terrify it with a horde of flies, wasps, snails, worms and dinosaurs. If you’re not the aggressive type, you can also just spill some coffee on the page instead...

GoogleGoogle Gun
Google Google
Site creator Denis Rionnet.

What you've read here has been a small collection of the book "

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google"(by Philipp Lenssen). If you want to learn/have more fun using Google, download the full book as PDF or order the book for $19.66.

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