Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zemanta Semantic Layer for Bloggers

Zemanta an useful new website launched in alpha mode. Zemanta integrates with blogging platforms and suggests pictures, links, articles and tags to make your posts more vibrant. The service works on Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad and makes blogging more funny.

What you need to do first is to download the Firefox extension, follow the Installation Instructions and install it into your browser(Firefox is as the only supported browser at this time). Once installed and restarted your browser, you will notice a dimmed 'Z' icon in your url bar.

This means your installation has been successful and you can continue to blog your first post using Zemanta.
While you write, a new Zemanta sidebar appears on your post editing page, which will fill with related content as you type out your entry.


The more you write, the better the Zemanta recommendations will be, but each entry should be at least 300 words for Zemanta to work properly. Zemanta is English-only for now, but you may have luck if writing in another language if the content you're writing about involves trademarked items or well-known buzzwords(ReadWriteWeb).

See other videos from Zemanta on vimeo.
Get started using Zemanta.
Download Firefox Extension.
Download Firefox.

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