Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Introducing iGoogle Artist Themes

Today Google homepage has a new graphic designed by Jeff Koons to promote artist themes for iGoogle. In order to introducing iGoogle Artist Themes you'll see an invitation right under the search bar of the homepage: "What happens when great art mixes with your homepage?".
"A theme is custom design for the iGoogle page. You define a theme in an XML file that contains key-value pairs for iGoogle page attributes, such as background and text color. A theme can be as simple as a color setting for the header background and iGoogle logo, or it can include multiple images and dynamic behavior"(Developer's Guide).iGoogleArtistThemes
Artist Themes let users personalize and decorate iGoogle by creating custom design, so putting "the work of world-class artists and innovators on your personalized Google homepage"(link).

Read more on Google OS.
Gallery of iGoogle Artist Themes.
More about Jeff Koons.

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