Thursday, May 1, 2008

Google Analytics & Website Optimization

The Official Google Analytics Blog recently added an article in order to importance and strategy of Website Optimization. An useful explanation that gives you a good understanding of how to discover what your visitor want to see with Website Optimizer, find your high-value landing pages, Funnel Visualization and which pages to test.

With Website Optimizer you can:

  • Increase website conversion rates
  • Decrease visitor bounce rates
  • Increase time spent on your site
  • Increase visitor satisfaction
  • Eliminate guesswork from site design

So the Google Website Optimizer Overview shows you an introduction including:

  • Explore what a test page is
  • Use the Website Optimizer to test different web site combinations or layouts
  • Learn how to improve your conversion rate increase your ROI by testing various combinations and implementing the one that is most successful.

Here's Introduction to Website Optimizer

There's also Tutorials & Videos for beginner to website optimization to help get them up to speed.

Read more.
Get started with Google Website Optimizer.

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