Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bloggers: Earn Money using Snapbomb

Are you a blogger writing articles without earning some money? Wouldn't you like to get paid for each article you're writing? Thought you can't make money with your blog posts? Don't be frustrated! You can even earn money for each article you write and post to your blog.
Snapbomb is the right place where you can find great opportunities to write about products, services, press releases and much more.
By creating an account and adding your blog URL, Snapbomb will take a look to your blog content finding out matched opportunities which you can choose to get started to write about.

Once you're created an account and chosen your destiny(advertiser or blogger), you need to add your blog URL to let Snapbomb check your blog content finding out opportunities. Note that you will notice to add a line of code to your blog, so that the service can verify(within 24 hours) your blog. Once your blog has been already verified, Snapbomb will create a list showing matched and non-matched opportunities for your blog, so it depends on you for which of the opportunities you want to decide to get started with.

After creating your account, you will also find out how much your blog worth is.
Sing up now to get paid for your blog posts.

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