Monday, May 26, 2008

Link Latte 2

Faviki: New generation social bookmarking tool based on semantic Wikipedia tags.

Kivati Studio: Brings easy application development and porting capabilities to the Sharepoint environment.

PolicyMap: A new website that offers more than 4,000 points of data about any location in the United States, including demographics, real estate markets, crime, schools, housing affordability, employment type, energy consumption, and public investments. It's powered by a new Application Programming Interface (API) from commercial mapping service PushPin.

Rifflet: A new site where musicians can gather to finish each other's work.

Mugshot: An open source lifestream aggregation service.

Gwap: Offers an array of multi-player games that have a benefit beyond just that of momentary distraction or amusement.

The Rock Hard Times is a music search engine and database where you can perform searches or browse by artists, genres, places (countries), and labels.

Signal vs. Noise: The wildly successful blog about design, usability and small business from the makers of project management service Basecamp.

Compfight: Flickr image search tool.

Pownce: A great micro-blogging tool with added functionality that Twitter misses.

Jaiku: Another micro-blogging tool and great alternative to Twitter.

Anothr: Real-time news tracker.

uvLayer: Allows you to search for videos and organize them in a Minority Report fashion.

worryaboutyou: Music search engine.

ResEx: Translation friendly resx editor for strings. Great for internationalization of small projects.

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