Monday, June 2, 2008

ABC News on Google Earth 4.3 Application

Today, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has just announced the launch of ABC Earth - a content layer, which features live stories and archived content including video, audio and text as a layer in Google Earth 4.3 application.
If you already have installed Google Earth 4.3 and want to get started viewing the ABC content, then simply click on the ABC Earth link. The ABC layer will automatically open in the Google Earth including national news, video news, stories from 50 years of national and international news and much more.
"With the recent launch of Google Earth 4.3, reading the news and soaring over some of Australia’s finest architecture has never been so fun and easy (and filled with sunshine). The search for new ways to see the world never ends, and we look forward to the new perspectives to come."

The Official Australia Blog

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